Day 34

3 Feb

From one extreme…

“Black, black were their beaks twisted in her hair and black were their wings whipping up through the air. Fly, fly into the breeze, Lenore and the crows, to the top of a dead tree where the heartbroken go.” – Poor, Poor Lenore The Handsome Family

…to another.

Doctor Who: Somehow a Krynoid can channel its powers to other plants. All the vegetation on this planet is about to turn hostile.
Sir Colin Thackeray: You mean like aggressive rhubarb?
Doctor Who: Yes, aggressive rhubarb.
Major Beresford: What? Homicidal gooseberries?
Sir Colin Thackeray: You are joking, of course, Doctor.
Doctor Who: No, I’m not joking.

Dr Who, The Seeds of Doom.


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