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Autumn Air

5 Oct



Leaf Skeletons At Sunset

24 Feb

IMG_4125 IMG_4127 IMG_4130 IMG_4132

Sunday Sunset

17 Feb

IMG_4102 IMG_4098

Day 314

9 Nov

Beautiful sunset over Ardboe Cross, County Tyrone. The name Ardboe comes from ‘Arb Boe’ meaning ‘hill of the cow.’ Apparently it comes from an old folk tale about how the monastery of Ardboe was built from the milk of a magic cow that came out of Lough Neagh. The cross is a national monument dating from the tenth century. It was the first High Cross built in Ulster.

Day 266

22 Sep

Sunset over Belfast.

Sunset reflected in windows.

Day 254

10 Sep

Sunshine on a rainy day. Makes my soul, makes my soul drip, drip, drip away…

Day 227

14 Aug

Beautiful sunset this evening…

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