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Day 212

30 Jul

“I admit the deed! — tear up the planks! — here, here! — it is the beating of his hideous heart!” – Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart.


Day 211

29 Jul

“All I know is a door into the dark.” Seamus Heaney

If a magpie comes to your door and looks at you, it is a sure sign of death. Nothing can be done to avert the doom. – Old Irish superstition.

Day 210

28 Jul

“I’ll give you a daisy a day, dear,
I’ll give you a daisy a day.
I’ll love you until the rivers run still,
And the four winds we know blow away.” Jed Strunk, Daisy A Day

Day 209

27 Jul

This afternoon I hung out in Botanic Gardens drinking coffee. It was relatively quiet until the air was suddenly filled with the sound of…

Random people playing bagpipes amongst the trees!

Day 208

26 Jul

Day 207

25 Jul

Beautiful bright day in Belfast.

Day 206

24 Jul

Low clouds over Black Mountain…

Day 205

23 Jul

Day 204

22 Jul

Lesser spotted Lurgan. A walk behind the shops and buildings on the main street of my home town this evening revealed a whole other part of town I’d never explored before…

Day 203

21 Jul

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