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Day 182

30 Jun


Day 181

29 Jun

Day 180

28 Jun

Slightly less rain today; but still wet and warm. Here’s another book spine poem. Perhaps this should become ‘A Book Spine Poem A Day For A Year’ blog?

“A murder is announced under milk wood,

Less than zero lucky vampyres on the road to the lighthouse;

One hundred years of solitude atomised the tenderness of wolves…”

Day 179

27 Jun

Another humid and VERY rainy day in Belfast…

Day 178

26 Jun

Another wet – but warm – day in Belfast…

Day 177

25 Jun

Looking through some books in my bedroom at my parent’s house inspired another book spine poem…

“Bringing out the dead, people like us look back in anger.

The dark, bittersweet Lolita; girl interrupted,

Painting death far from the madding crowd.”

Day 176

24 Jun

Day 175

23 Jun

Yet another rainy day in Belfast.

A splash of colour breaks through the wet gloom…

Day 174

22 Jun

Train journey (Belfast to Lurgan) on a VERY rainy day…

Day 173

21 Jun

It rained ALL DAY today. So I made myself a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch and concocted another book spine poem…



“The days are just packed, and then there were none.

Irish country cures shade fireworks in a glass darkly…”


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