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Amongst the Dead

7 Apr

A couple of friends and I recently explored the ancient and very beautiful Friar’s Bush Cemetery in Belfast. Here is what we found. To read about the cemetery – and the various spooky stories regarding body-snatching, famine and cholera associated with the place, and those laid to rest in it – head over to my other blog Behind the Couch.

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Marie in the Graveyard

7 Apr

This is my friend Marie. Along with two of her buddies, she visited Ireland last week from Missouri. Being the horror fiends we are, we naturally wandered around a few of the cemeteries here in Belfast, sharing ghost stories and creepy folk tales.





Marie is a folklore enthusiast and horror writer. She contributes to Fascination with Fear, Destroy the Brain and Film Addict. Her fiction has been published in Sanatarium Magazine and various anthologies. Check out some of her work here.

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