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“Au revoir”

24 May

IMG_6013 (2)

Alas, it looks like I have used 3.0 GB of my 3.0 GB upload limit (100%). It seems I cannot add any more of my photographs to Camera Obscure without purchasing a Space Upgrade from WordPress. This will therefore likely be the last post for a while, though I shall of course continue to take photographs, some of which I will upload to my other blog, Behind the Couch.

I initially created this blog, back in 2012, for a Photo A Day For A Year project, the aim of which was to encourage myself to become a more prolific photographer, and to become more observant of the world around me; to appreciate and capture those little moments so often overlooked. My friend also created a blog to chart her progress in the same project. It was a fun and creative year. You can view my collection of daily photos by clinking on the Photo A Day For A Year link above. Once the PADFAY project came to an end, I still continued to update Camera Obscure with my photographic efforts.

Thank you for visiting, please feel free to stay awhile and look around.

“Au revoir” – at least for now.


Day 303

29 Oct

2 days to Halloween…

Day 302

28 Oct

3 days to Halloween…

The horror of the famine, as depicted in Rowan Gillespie’s sculptures along Dublin’s Custom House Quay.

Day 301

28 Oct

4 days to Halloween…

This post is a little late. I’m staying in Dublin for a couple of nights, and there were issues with the internet connection in the hotel.

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